OK, so I’ve not really used this blog to its fullest potential…Or really much at all. However, that’s because over the last two years I’ve had one thing on my mind: Thesis. I’ve been trying to finish my PhD and as soon as it’s done and out of the way (hopefully with a positive outcome) I’ll focus much more on the science communication aspect of what I do. I’d like to set out here the things that I want to achieve so that there’s a record of how I should be spending my time! So if in another year I’ve got a grand total of four posts on this blog, those of you who know me, can kick my ass.
First, a little background. I originally got into sci comm (science communication to the uninitiated) to do podcasting. I don’t really rate my writing skills (even though I’ve spent the last two years almost exclusively writing) but I figured that I could get my point across by chatting with people. This leads me nicely onto what I want to do. Either through this blog, The GIST or what ever media outlet will let me abuse their resources I would like to do the following (and do it properly);

  • Do some regular podcasting
  • write, film and edit a short documentary
  • Begin to focus my style as a communicator – I’m thinking that humour is something that few people bring to professional sci comm just now
  • Find something genuinely chemistry-based to talk about, be it fundamentals or cutting-edge

This isn’t a manifesto or anything of that ilk, I just want to light a fire under my ass and hopefully construct some external pressure to force me into achieving some or all of the things I’ve set out to do. That’s why I’ve gone on to use twitter and other social media things, that’s why I came back to this blog and it’s why I’m writing this. Hopefully I can make this count.


Anyway, keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground and above all else, science your face in!


Craig – the science your face in guy!

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