What’s this all about then?

I’m a scientist. I’m sure it’ll then come as no surprise to find out that I quite like science, and knowing things, and taking the first opportunity that I can find to talk about science to whoever will listen; nothing controversial so far. During the day I’m a medicinal chemist and in my free time, amoungst other things, I write general science communication articles for The GIST. Why then, have I started a blog? Well two reasons really. Firstly, I want to encourage people to engage with me a little more about what I write. I want to find some way to get people’s opinion on my style of writing as well as the content. Secondly, I want to put out short to mid-length pieces on modern science, sometimes dispelling myths (frankly I love doing this but there just aren’t enough morons out there to make a living out of mocking them. controversial!), sometimes introducing people to an area of science that they might not have come across and sometimes just informing people about why science (and the scientific method) is important to everyday life: science is not just for geeks despite what the big bang theory tells you. I’ll update you on the GIST stuff that I do as well as some little pieces that catch my eye. You probably won’t get the well considered (and well edited) versions of my views that you would get with the GIST, but this will be if nothing else, an honest look at science in Scotland, Britain and the world. I openly encourage you to engage with me even if (and on occasion, especially if) your opinions differ from my own.

Who knows, this could be the start of something special.

Craig (the Science Your Face in Guy)

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